Monday, June 30, 2008

yesterday, Sunday. evening.
out with yenwei&caca. went to yenwei's house to wait caca come and fetch us to queensbay.

I saw junsen. i just call him and say 'hi' to him, didn't talk. he still waorking at add-on.
yenwei want to buy necklace, caca want to meet her someone and i want to withdraw MONEY cause i just have 1obucks in my wallet. hahha. =)

we went to Jumputree to have dinner with xinchze, sihui, reelee, eevon, hooiming & shupei.
we have fun at there and kept on take photo. waiting for the photo, will be upload soon.
after finish dinner, we went to Red to have some drinks[actually just drink alcohol,heineken], chit-chat, play poker cards, singing..
play till half, eevon's boyf, weijun came to find her and he too join us play. haha. thn thn thn...
sihui lose during the game, so she gonna do something.. is.. SING with the uncle who singing at that moment.hahah.
2nd round, eevon's boyf lose. he must kiss eevon and let us take a photo. eevon&him felt paiseh. cute couple.
next, we just have our drinks, heineken and take photo and talk around. caca was so siao. ahaha!
caca's boyf came at last but he didn't play d. he just drink and take photo with us.

11something d, my daddy called me. 6 calls. OMG! really beh tahan. caca fetch me back and they comtinue go to KAYU to eat supper. hahah. i want to join but my DAD! hate that can't join them. nvm. next time will join them, i won't care my daddy d.

Thanks to...
caca who fetch me there and back. you're so good!
yenwei&xinchze who listen to me when i was sad.
mr.vince too who always listen to me when i was sad and always explain the reason to me.
all my friends... you make my LIFE colourful!
I LOVE YOU, my dear friends! hugs! muackxz...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

有时候,你们骂我,会把那些很久很久以前的事也一起讲或讲一些你们买什么什么给我,要不就会说你们给我钱读书。 我知道,那些我都知道。。我有读书啊,我知道自己在什么时候该做什么东西。

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

hey friends, sorry for not updating my blog.
I'm so lazy blogging, reply comments, go to class.. and many things.
I have no idea to do anything.
I just want to sleep & sleep. I want to remove my eye bag & i'm not going to online till midnight!
my presentations are all over but my CAT course is going to start and i can't so lazy already.
I must work hard on it cause all the test paper is MONEY! 280bucks for each paper.
so, what do you think about it? Should i continue lazy?
i'll start the CAT class at 3th July. must STUDY again. other courses are holiday but how bout mine? JUST START!
I hope everything will be fine after day and day.
my family will everyday happy! =)
everything will going well for me. GOD bless.
yenwei already came back. hope she'll have a happy holiday. I wish her.
finally, hope i can meet my mr.right! hahahaha! XD

will update soon....

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hi, friends! I have already one week didn't update my blog .. miss me? hmm.. actually nothing difference in the week ago.. Just can drive alone and go anywhere I like.. I drove to gurney, tarc.. and many! Feels Happy! =) Today I fetched granny to exercise.. somewhere at Lipsin there. thn, I fetched her back home.. at home, I found that my neighbour got online, so, i can use his wireless. Thank you, neighbour.. hhahhahahah! thn, I online till now, now blog-ing.. Tomorrow going to school about 8.. because got class at 9 o'clock. After class, will go to peinee's hostel to look & prepare for the presentation. So scare to present.. in front of the whole class, including SAM's students. haihh. Anyway, wish me luck for our tomorrow presentation!!!!! *wink* *.*

Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation.. Why college got that many Presentations? Tomorrow Presentation again.. It's the Malaysian study's presentation. And I same group with... shirlyn, peinee, apple, huiyen & pinteng. I just ask peinee about the presentation's thing. She told me that pinteng has already done all. OMG!! He done all? Thank you, PINTENG!! I sure threat you.. ahahhahah! tomorrow we have to present. We must Make a Greater effort on this presentation so that we can get better marks on it. GAMBATEH!!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I have cut my hair!!

Today is the first day which drive to college alone.. omg! i'm so nervous.. but, i reached finally. hahah! I went to study skills class to have typing test. I learnt many things in here.=) Thn, Eevon came to find me and we went to gurney together. You know where i parked my car? I parked at upstairs. GOD, i'm so brave. ahhahaha! =D We went extreame to have a hair-cutting. because of it's too early, so we went to secret recepi to eat... CAKE! omg! sure fat d. Thn, momo came to meet us. Momo wanted us company her to eat something, so we went Kim-gary. I was so full till want to vomit although i just eat orange ice. Suddenly, the extreme ppl phoned eevon, tell her that the hair stylist have came, we can go to cut. but, we're having lunch. thn, i decided to skip class, Malaysian Study.. This few days, I always think to skip class, i really lazy to go.. sorry, mom&dad. Thn, we go to have a hair cut.. the momo just sit beside us to see us cut hair, sienn. goshh! my hairr.. i not so like the hair that he cut for me but the hair-stylish was very friendly, so, it's okay lar.. my friends all didn't feel that i have cut my hair.. means... nothing difference! hahahhah! goood!! Actually i wanted to go to chungling's camp fire but my mom said 'NO'.. so, i just drove back.. just now went to jeslyn's house to print some papers.. we chat about 1 hour, thn i walked home cause my eyes were very red and not feeling well. i have to take out the lens d. now, i'm wearing specs and online-ing&blogging.. that's all for my whole day life..

will be continue...