Friday, January 25, 2008

it's HOT.~

Wow~ the weather is s0o0oo... HOT~!!!! why is the weather so0o... HOT...? anybody can tell me...? arhh!!! To me, today is a tired and a sleepy day. Yesterday i 5something slept, i was so sleepy. but my mom 9am wake me up. i juz sleep about 4hours. so0o sleepy.== know y mom so early wake me up? because she want me to do 'rebin' kuihh. i start doing 'rebin' kuih at about 10am and 1pm finished doing 'rebin' kuih, 3HOURS. fast anot? see, what i have done?
wait for my mom to fried it. yumzxz.
After do the 'rebin' kuih, i was so hot and i went to bath. thn, i kept the clothes and folded them. hmm. i'm obedient, rite? heheheh. =D


Harlo.. this is my first BLOG. hahhha. actually i have sign up long long ago, but i did not blog any. heehhehe. xD. after read my bestie, yenweii's and other friends' blog. I start thinking to have my own blog too. SO, let's start my blogging.. hahahhah. =D