Tuesday, July 29, 2008

tuesday. 29th july.
met momo at the college in half of my class. she called me to go to meet her cause she wanted to pass the pendrive for me.. did not see her quite a long time. *miss her*
we gossip gossip.. many things to gossip among us. hahah!
'clinique' came to my college. momo wanted to get the sample. look at her, she was so tam sim. hahah! jkjk.
around 1something, i went to find her. you know where i found her? she was at the 'clinique' stall there ask ask ask and get the skin care sample. she's using KOSE. but she still want to take the sample.==
after taking the skin care sample, we went to library. we read ppl's blog, see ppl's photo and gossiping. hahhah!
and you know.. she blogging using my blogger. hahah!
about 3, i went to class to take the notes from baobao, 4th august have final exam. sigh!

~ 4 days later..

today, 2nd august.
now blogging. nothing special happen. just a boring and dull day. actually want to go to library to study but i don't have car. gggrr.. no study no shopping too. duhh! i want go shopping. now MEGASALE. i want... shop shop shop shop shop... buy buy buy buy buy. hahhaah! XD

Saturday, July 26, 2008


hello, friends. sorry for so long didn't update my blog. i'm lazy. XD.
hmm. yesterday i accident! omg! i'm so scare... till cry. T_T . the ppl who knock me comfort me. I really scared, kay? and the driver who knock me is a damn god fat and ugly malay men. he is scary. if a handsome guy knock me, i'll maybe won't so scare. ahhaha! XD. And And And And And..... my phone can't call cause get barred, so, i borrowed phone from the malay guy and you know what i saw? i saw a naked girl wallpaper in his phone! OMG!! i'm so paiseh. but what to do? i quickly phone my parents and give back to him. oh gosh! so scaryy. =S .. a moment later, my dad arrived and just settle with going to police station to report and claim insurance. I scared till hand kept on shake.. grr.. :s
I stay at my mom's office the whole day.. online-ing, watching you-tube and chatting..
about 6, i went home with mom. in the car, my mom said the car will repair at least one week. wtf? I can't drive for 1 week? ohh no.. i can't late to class, can't go where i like after class.. haihh. =(

Monday, July 21, 2008

daddy & mommy.

Monday. 21 July.

dad, mom. i knew i really do somethings that make you feel sad. i know, i know this all! i'm sorry! anyway, i love you, dad & mom. hmm. today, one class only! seee. so waste my petrol and time. i just went T2 class. the teacher is so damn annoy. we totally don't know what she is talking about. what? sale=siao? if you say too many siao? i'll become SIAO.. hahahahha! now, only 1.43pm. i'm at mom's office. later maybe will want to go rebonding my hair. i really can't stand for my hair, so kiao. kiao here kiao there. GOSH! i'm now watching 命中注定我爱你. it's so nice and funny. =) hmm. will update later. now too early d. continue later.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


friends, i'm lazy blogging.
i think i've a century didn't update my blog d.

  • lazy
  • CAT course started
  • parents not really like me online
  • everyday do revision
  • nothing to write
  • don't what to write
  • feel like everyone read my private LIFE. [kidding]

actually the MAIN reason is i'm LAZY! okay. let's start to tell a story about..Li Khim's life. nothing special about Li Khim's life. just morning drove to college, study, chat with friends, having lunch, drove back home. A dull life, right? but, what to do? i don't have freedom at all. my parents... haihh. =( i did not want them to do what to me, i just want freedom. freedom, come to me!