Tuesday, September 30, 2008

happy day. =)

went to class at 9.

chin2 said she's not going to class.
harr..? thn how i back leh?
nvm, go to queens with momo la. hehehe!
today, i just attend T4 class. T5? not going to attend.
wait momo at cafeteria after T4 class.
went to her house to have lunch.
after having lunch, we have nothing to do. so...
i and shuling start camwhore.

thn, back to college cause shuling and momo have class.
wait momo at general lab till 1something.
went to queens to meet up with yayi.
we shopping.. but i less shop ler. i just walk and sms and wait yayi try cloth.
look at momo's butt. hhahaha! so qiao!
tomorrow is Raya day.
girls, wish you happy raya day. =)
i love you!

Monday, September 29, 2008


refresh back to... few days ago.

friday. 260908
mom fetched me to college. actually plan don't want to go in to the class. but, at last.. go in to study. hehhe!
class end at 11. mom bring me to office. 12something, eevon phoned me and i went to fetch her and yuheng.
after drop yuheng at ttn class, went to KAYU with yenwei and eevon.
it's 2something, that time don't have roti tissue. we just want to eat roti tissue. wtf
thn, we have nasi kandar. it's so expensive.
we chat.. till 4, i needed to fetch yuheng from ttn.
back to mom's office, i online, i kacau allan. hahha!
sorry ler, allan. that time i was too free and bored.

saturday. 270908
went to gurney with yenwei at 11.
my dad fetched us go. hmm. thank you, dad.
the first thing we going to do is plann.. buy cake, buy present..
at last, din buy cake, buy present. we bought... hope she likes it. =)
met up with sherlyn and eevon at manila place and have our lunch at there..

the birthday girl, sherlyn.

with my darling yenwei.

with eevon.

with the birthday girl.

we chatted,laugh and camwhore.
later, we go taiwan feng wei qing thn 600cc.
with eevon.
my girls.
i take less photo in taiwan feng wei qing cause i went to talk with wenlin.
she's back. miss her lots. and yayi too.
thn at 600cc.
with darling yenwei.

i ate mango ice and yenwei ate watermelon ice. yummy.
and.. eevon was taking photo with my phone..

look at her, she's zi lian-ing. hehe.

what is she doing?
eevon's dad phone her and she's back.
yenwei and i went to walk walk. met up with alvin and talk with him a while.
thn went to 7th floor to meet chia chuin.
he's so children. hahah!

dad came to fetch us at 7.
out to sunshine square with parents a while.
back to house and directly sleep. too tired d.

sunday. 280908
do nth. just went to breakfast with parents.
went to visit grandmom. chat with cousins.
home. online. sleep.

monday. 290908
went to class at 9.
headed to secondary school to get school magazine at lunch time.
yayi drop me at inti. met up with twins and eng siang.
finally i saw his girlf. hahha!
he drop me go home.
thn.. online again.. and sleep. zzZ

Thursday, September 25, 2008

finally. =)

finally i know what has happen. hmm. 松了一口气...
finally i can sleep well.
finally i won't luan luan think.
finally i won't cry d..
crying really make me worn-out.
and my stomach.. damn god pain la.
but, it's okay. it's just a common gastric. i want to loss weight, i want thin.
so, i have to pay a price. fat, go away!

got out of my own way
I've Finally
started living for today
i finally
know i needed to grow
And finally,
my maze has solved...
Now my destiny can begin,
Though it will have a different set,
Something beautiful is happening...
Finally Now
my life doesn't seem so bad...
finally, finally, finally...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

tired.late update.

tuesday. 23/09/08

wake up in the morning. so sleepy. not really sleep well.
class at 9. mom fetch me there.
actually cancel to prangin d, rite?
but go again. yeahh! can meet my darling,yenwei. miss her lots!
class end at 1, go to peinee's hostel.
about.. 3something, yean,peinee,shirlyn and me go to bus stop.. of coz is to take a bus la. and of coz want to take rapid la. first time lehh. nervous... =S
fann and peiwen (if not mistaken) wait at the next bus stop.
wait till so long and finally.. rapid came.. and wow! the rapid is so crowd. we have to stand.
hhmm. reach at prangin about... 4pm. sms yenwei..
we walk tru komtar. omg! i seems like 100years din come to komtar d lu.
finally reach prangin, actually i not really know how to go prangin. i seldom go there..
hmm. walk a while with peinee them thn go to meet yenwei.
she was with aimun. omg! i met my ex-schoolmate. miss them lots!
we talk and kidding the whole shopping journey. big smile.
yenwei and i bought sandals, different sandal in a shop. =)
5something. we want to go home.. with bus.. but, no bus. haihh. how lehh?
oh yahh! can ask roger wert. call him and ask where is he? in penang? yes! in penang. at where? near prangin. yes! so, can fetch us back lu. hahha!

wednesday. 24/09/08
went to school to study.
hmmm. class end at 1. rush to fetch my brother from school.
3something, fetch my brother to ttn and go to fetch yenwei.
we're going to eat ice-kacang and cendol at giant.
hmm. we talk a lot. we share many things.. yenwei, i love you so much. thx for comfort me. =)
we back at 4something to fetch my brother from ttn.
thn go to mom's office. go home at about 5.
hmmm. tomorrow will be fine. =)

my girls, i nothing d. thx for comfort me,listen to me...
i love you, girls!

Monday, September 22, 2008

新的一天... =)

这时,shirlyn sms 我,问我可以载她吗。我只好问晶,她说: "can." 可是,shirlyn 又说不用了。
10点多,晶来载我。到了学校,看到pheyy. 和她讲话一下...
然后,找 shirlyn. 去拿新书,arghh! 好多好厚哦...
陪 shirlyn 去买她的早餐..

11am. 上课...
教授说我们很吵,连印度婆们也说我们吵。我承认我们真的很吵... heheh! =p
12something.. 下课...
去gurney. 我和晶做了很亮的电灯泡。不过,到了那边,我们就各走各的了。我和晶,慧和她的男朋友。
2pm. 上课...
我们迟了一些.. 上课时,另一个教授又说我们吵。我们就是那么爱讲话嘛..
3.30pm. 下课...
交钱给 finance department. 回店。我跟晶说我很想 sms 他,可是,又怕... 怎么办...?

明天本来要去 prangin mall, 因为没有transport,又要拿很多书搭巴士,只好取消咯.. 下次吧!
hmmm. 现在....
没事做.. 要读书了。不可以再偷懒了...


Sunday, September 21, 2008


sunday. 21/09/08

did not follow parents to breakfast.
online. read friends' blog.

i just chat with yenwei darling, i told her many things.
she comfort me and ask me don't think too much again.
i know. i know. i know.
i won't think too much d. i promise. =)

li khim,
be happy. be strong. smile. =)

Friday, September 19, 2008

i'm like hundreds of years didn't update d.XD

`busy busy busy!
`lazy lazy lazy.
`exam. busy studying.
`failed exam. sad and no mood to update. =(
`don't know want to write what. [ nothing special for my day ]

last thursday,
went to momo's waterfall house to stay over-nite till monday. study with her for exam.
till monday,
exam. fail. cry for study hard but still fail.
have to face it too ler. hmm.
not telling parents about failed the exam yet.not dare. =S

alone at home. cry again. watch tv..
holiday and mom stay at home. didn't cry but still moody. bored in house. just watch tv and sleep. a boring day.
stay at home alone too. do nothing. plan to study but no mood again. goshh!
ask alvin when is the result send to my house, he said the result will not send to house.
really? yeshh!!! parents don't know and won't get scold but i have to save 280bucks for retake the T2 exam. T.T
hmm. mood recover. XD
kai xuan sms me and told that we have to buy bank draft for the T5 exam. tell my mom.
she took me to maybank to buy the bank draft. the rate.. is 6.3something.. i have to pay RM265.79.
EXPENSIVE ler..! have to study hard d.

now... 2311. sick d. sniffering. going to sleep. nitez! see you. =)

Friday, September 12, 2008


不论你多富有,不管你官多大,到什么时候也离不开咱的妈....愿天下父母平安度春秋....... 珍惜母亲的每一个谎言,好好的对待父母,很多东西,失去后才得来的珍贵代价太大.所以一定要好好的爱我们的父母~
如果我還一直在乎著你...你是否會再多看我一眼? 是否我已不存在了...你才感覺的到我的離開? 是否我已離開了....你才感覺的到我對你的好? 在此祝福全天下父母平安度春秋~~