Wednesday, February 25, 2009


After class, went to RedBox with seehooi, yean and shir. chin2 ppk us. haihh. but we too enjoy. *big big smile* =DD

after RedBox, in seehooi's car.

yean, she is so thin. so envyy..

shir, also a skinny girl.



having breakfast with seehooi at OldTown.

me... XD

seehooi and me. finally can take photo with her.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

time with my beloved girls. =D

Friday, went to town with parents. dad drop me at xc's house around 1. thousand years didn't meet her d. we chat a while thn acc her to a hair cut, she wanted to cut her fringe. thn, back to her house to chit-chat and gossip. read friends' blog and show her my "dream guy". LOL. suddenly, one side of my contact lens disappeared and i found it on the bed. *sad* can't see well. so we change our plan to Gurney earlier. called eevon and tell her we'll be early to there, ask her go there to meet us.

before to gurney.

when we reach gurney, we headed to Focus Point to buy contact lens. haih. =( wasted 55bucks. later, we walked around and try some clothes but we din buy any cause we broke d. *no money* bumped onto weijia at Vincci and eevon came at that time. went to Winter Warmers to have a seat. was chit-chatting,gossiping and taking photos (less). we saw.. 公主帮. hahah! you know i know we know. =P

eevon, you're so thin.

she's vain... again. lol.
after Winter Warmers, went to cinema cause eevon wanted to buy movie tickets. later, went to Coffee Island to have our dinner. there were many ppls and that time was raining, argh! no place to seat. finally we found a place but there's not a good place. =(

xc. miss you lots.

eevon and xc. *my girls*
after dinner and stop rain. so, we went to have a walk at Gurney Drive. about 10, eevon's movie show time so we dropped eevon back to Gurney.

vain while waiting eevon to come.

eevon came to find us around 12am. we chat till 2something.. so happy to meet up with xc and eevon although something sads happen but now okay d. hope we'll meet up very very SOON. =D *loves them*

Saturday, wake up at 11 thn prepared to cook breakfast together, spaghetti. it's delicious kayy... eevon back at 1pm. xc is going to bus station at 3 to seat for the bus to KL.. mom picked me up at there around 3.

and now at home, vain again.. paise. ><


Monday, February 16, 2009

latest me.

latest me with no edit. (serious eye-bag)

[ END ]

Sunday, February 15, 2009

mr.eng siang.
all the best at Melbourne and take care! Byee. =)
hope to see you SOON. [cause you owe me one meal. lol.]

Saturday, February 14, 2009

late update. KL trip.

i just took those photos from Aimz.

they change child cause Aimz and i not at there. =P

we, the lovely family under the Christmas Tree.

daddy and mummy. *love em*

my brother, yuheng. *hugss*

me. =p

same posing. lolz.

my brother with the christmas tree. =)

mummy and yuheng with not ready, get ready and READY!! LaughOutLouds.

finally, whole family. **loves them**