Sunday, December 28, 2008

dad's cousin, Kelvin's wedding.

wake up at 9something, prepared...



we reach Vistana hotel at 11. relatives were all there... and we were late. paiseh. ^^
Shing Long, Joo, uncles and aunties there tooo. happy to see them cause they stay at kl, met them once a year.

with Joo, i am her niece.. but i older thn her.

Joo's bro, Shing Long, my uncle.. but he older 1 year thn me.. =)

the performance.. their singing is so nice. Clap hands!!

the cousins, but not mine.. my dad's. not just 3 la for sure. others can't attend coz they're all in kl and busy their work.

the bride and bridegroom, Joanne and Kelvin.

during the wedding, i went to toilet and take some photos. sorry... i'm vain, so, just ignore me. XD

the bride and bridegroom's parents.
the Mc tried to say cheers! but we change to yammm seng. hahhahah!
(every wedding will have this, don't know why.)

the performers changed their chothes and continue singing..
(I'm Alive, Mamamia, and many romantic songs.)
The wedding ended up at about 3pm. i know you'll curious, why it held in the afternoon. cause at night, the ball was fully book.
we thn went to town to buy 'tao sa pia' from Yee Hiang for Shing Long them. they are going back in the evening, 6pm.

reach home at 4something. bath and take a short nap. Zzz...
Lastly, wish Kelvin and Joanne 新婚快乐, 涌裕爱河....

me, after reach home. =D


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

back from momo's house. tired and lazy. update when i'm free. anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

ps. i hate pimples. please get away from me...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

MOMO is back!
welcome back, MOMO! hahhaha!
can go out with her and sleep over her place to gossip.
Girls' talk. =)

Friday, December 19, 2008

my brother. XD

KL trip. =)

Hello, i'm back. i really lazy to update. ><
actually nothing to say in this kl trip.
i met JJ... he's so handsome. XD

JJ and the Mc..

we stay at Parkroyal Hotel, it's so many ppl and the Deluxe room we book was full. thn they gave us Studio Suites, it's bigger thn the Deluxe room we've booked. hahha! how lucky we are...
this is the Deluxe room we actually booked...

but, he gave us this ...Studio Suites (more bigger, rite?)

actually nth special in this kl trip, just shopping..
Sunday night, Bernard came to fetch us to attend Joo May's wedding dinner at Concorde Hotel..
in the Concorde Hotel's toilet.

actually i'l back on Tuesday, but suddenly we received Sunny uncle's call, he said Aunty Jacqueline,Joo May's mom has passed away. OMG! how sad... =(
thn we extand 1 day in kl and AIMz family came back first.
we stay at Shing Lung's house. at night, his dad fetch us to visit Aunty Jacqueline at 孝恩 (殡仪馆). it was like hotel, got air-conditioner, WiFi, etc...

Aunty Jacqueline.

we back on Wednesday morning and reach Penang at about 3something.
that's all for the KL trip. Sad and Happy...

will upload photos asap.
photos are all at AIMz camera.
JJ's photos are at AIMz friends' camera.
Joo May, don't sad. Cheers! you've found a great husband. =)
Aunty Jacq, must happy staying up there, HEAVEN.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

just back from kl. damn god tired, need to sleep first.Nights.. will be update soon!! =)

miss my girlfriends...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

finally exam've end and now is holiday. but this holiday seems not fun to me larh.too bored!
one week holiday has over, i just done a driver job i fetch here fetch there. grr! X(
sommore can't online. you know i curi neighbour's line 1 mar. i think they went to holiday or what lah, 5 days din online d.
can imagine how bored i am. =/
everyday at home just sleep, tv and eat. i really nua till... but i still got bath, not like eevon, 11pm still haven't bath. eevon,busuk la wei. lolz. jkjk.
luckily bro borrowed game disc from cousin sister, i can gaming the whole day. Diner dash la.. Cake Mania la.. all kid games. hahhaha!
but now, i think neighbour has back and i can online every night. siok! hehhehe!
going to kl at this saturday. hope can meet yenwei at there, miss her lots!
so, see you there. =)

will be update according to my mood. XD

Thursday, December 4, 2008


studying T5 [Managing people and Systems] right now.
boring! hate! sleepy!
now is the mood to party and not the mood to study..
most of my friends are holiday right now. i miss them lots. can't wait to meet them. XD
momo, faster come back! i miss u damn lots larhh!
i hava many things wanna share with you.
faster come back!!

i've pass! XD

everyone, i've pass my T3 [Maintaining Financial Records] and T4 [Accounting for Costs]. how smart am I... sorry, just ignore me coz i'm too happy. weeee... XD
tomorrow is the last day of exam, T5 [Managing people and systems]... (fail subject) haihh. i really don know wanna start study from where.
tomorrow go there just write what i know thn out. what to do? all theory, words...
what a boring paper larh, what managing ppl? what systems? organisation? who is Henry Fayol? omgg! i really don't know who are they and what are these..

but, after tomorrow, 5o'clock..
i can fly... meet my friends, play, gossip.. omgg! really can't wait to do all these larhh. XD

tomorrow is the last day of exam.
holidays, wait for me!!! =D

Monday, December 1, 2008

tomorrow is t3 final exam. omg! time flies... ~~
i really don't have confidence larhh.
NO WAY! have to study hard from now. seriously...
i just want to pass, just pass... i don't want high mark. just PASS.
please, GOD! you really have to bless me and all my friends pass tomorrow.
i don't want to see one of us sad.
girls, guys and ME, li khim. good luck for tomorrow exam.
to be continue...
now is the time to study.