Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I dreamed him...

Yesterday night, I smsed with Chia Chuin.. Sms till half, I lazy d thn i just phoned him.. We talk till 12a.m. He really funny, the things he said make me felt swt & 'dot dot dot'. Talk till half, I feel sleepy and i heard his mom call him sleep too. So, we closed the phone but we still got sms. But, sms till half, I felt asleep....ZzzZ.. And you know what I dream? I dreamed him.. OMG!!! I forgot in my dream, what he has done d, I just know I dreamed him.. Now just 9.40am. Too early d ,so, continue later...

will be continue...

Monday, May 26, 2008

this few days i'm so lazy.

momg! Why am I so lazy...? I lazy to go to coll, I lazy to eat, lazy to talk... And many others things! == I just want to listen to music and sing sing SING~ wthis I didn't lazy. hahahah! I just back from college, I chat with friends. I really do love them much cause they are so good to me. Just now I told Shirlyn I dreamed he & she together, thn when I wake up, I cried T_T. She said i think too much. Isit? I don't know. Just now at class, we do the exercise, 'problem...' & 'solution to solve the problem'... Suddenly felt that i got many problems that I haven solve it but i didn't list out. It's okay ler, let the problems just be there. It'll OVER. AFter that, I drove back to my mom's office. I chat with Chia Chuin in msn. This 2 days I often chat with him trough sms-ing.. He called me go to Seng Zhi's house to join them to play and have BBQ. I want to go, but... I don't even know their friends. How to join? I gave him many reasons that i can't go. He felt mad to me at last. hahhahah! I promised him i'll go next time whem he call me. I'm so boring. What to do? hmm.. I know d! listening to musiczx.. hahhahahha. =) Today is my brother's birthday. I wish him "Happy Birthday" & wish him can get good results in his exam!! I Love you! HUGSS..

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I just finished my Exam, Lan Subj.. Oh my God! I don't know how to do.. die d lerr.. I so scare i'll fail.. God, bless me not to fail the exam. If not, I have to take the exam again. Please.. But, exam finish d, don't need to study Moral d. Hoorayy!! Yesterday saw him, let me think many things.. If he & she together, i'll cry.. I don't know why, I saw he & she in my dream & I cry.. Why I cry? Maybe she is my friend and I don't think she'll together with him.. I think they won't be together lar. cause he got girlf d mahh. hmm.... This few day, I so lazy to go to coll. I want to online, blogging, shopping, sleeping... I want to buy new handphone!!!! I sure will tell my daddy.. Hope he'll say OKAY. My bro said daddy will give him a surprise for his birthday. I want too! hmm.. I want many things!! The most wanted things are HANDPHONE & iMAC.... I WANT THEMM!! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Oh NO!!!
Exam againn!! Lan Subj...?? Why the government so that... ****??!! Want us to study thesee... Lan Subj? I feel that the Lan Subj do not have uses at all. It just watse my TIME & MONEY!!! If I fail it, I have to take the Exam AGAIN and go to the class AGAIN and pay the Money AGAIN...
I didn't even study.. HOW??? I just start study some.... I really scare although the exam just 40Marks.. But, it's still MARKS,TIME&MONEY!! I don't want to watse MONEY&TIME on the Lan Subj!!!! Help Me!! GOD bless ME!!!!!!

I'm blogging again..

ho0o.. Finally finish my assignment and presentation! And 1 thing very importance is I have recovered from the sickness! Yeshh! Don't have pain anymore! Now, I want to thanks to momo&eevon who bought me the birthday present, I like it so much! thx! hugs.. Actually nothing much can say ler, cause I seldom online, I want to sleep.. My 黑眼圈 is so dark! I want to remove it. hhhahaha! How? I think i should sleep more to remove the 黑眼圈. Oh yahh! I want my tyre to remove too... During I was in the sickness, I didn't even eat rice arr. WHY still cannot remove the tyre? aiduhh!! My weight just decrease.. I don't want, I want all decrease.. hahahahahah!! tell me, how to remove the tyre in the stomach there? If you know, please tell me in the chat box. thx!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My whole week holiday.

gosh! Since I didn't update my blog for one century d. hahhaha! xD. My friend, eevon&momo kept say I didn't update my blog, they said my blog nothing to read. hahhha. I really don't know want to write what.. because update a blog in a day really nothing to write. I decide d, I'll write once a week or 3/4 days once. hahhaha. =) okay lar, now I'll tell you what i do in the whole week holiday. enjoy your reading... hahhahahha.. =D

1st day, Saturday
Wake up at 9something. I help mom sweep&mop the floor.(I'm well-behaved, right) hahhahha! hmm, after the whole day, I didn't go where because my Bro got exam, my mom want me to do revision with him. About 5, I watched 抢救衣橱 & 摆家乐! Its was so nice to watch! you must watch! At night, I just online & watched tv. Boring Day!

2nd day, Sunday
I wake up at 9a.m. Early, right? haiz.. cause my dad wanted to bring my whole family to town but is i drove. hahha! They want me to learn driving. sadness! We went to temple to 'bai bai', thn we went to have breakfast&lunch cause that time already 11-12pm. See, have to eat breakfast or lunch? after having lunch, I thn drove my dad, mom & bro to my grandmom's house. When I want to turn into my grandma's house there, I drive till too fast, my parents shout at me! sorry ler, cause i feel that the car is slow d. My dad said I cannot drive alone YET! OMG! WHY? I think I can already mar. I drove home again & parking. At home, I teach Bro some exercises.. Why is him so..... haihh! Really don't know how to teach him. Later, I online again. Online is part of my life d. i find some information for pc them cause I think I should do something. hahahhaha.. thn thn... ZzZzZzz..

3rd day, Monday
Although holiday, but I have to go to school to give pc the information I found and the 'penghargaan' that I have done. When i first arrive in the school, I sms him to tell him I already arrive, he said okay. Thn, I took the battery charger for momo. She kept call me buy things from her and Clestine too. hahhaha. Thn, I went to library and meet peinee & shirlyn to pass the project for pc. I chatted with shirlyn them for a moment thn I found Yein Hui near the lab there. After a moment later, he smsed me and say he'll late cause traffic jam. So, i wait him till 12something, have to wait till so... LONG! We chit chat and went to gp, about 3something, he fetched me back. At home, I online again! hahhahah. till night..

4th day, Tuesday
Wake up at 8.30am. Bath. Brush teeth. Drove to my mom's office. at mom's office, online again. hahahha. 2pm, went to coll. feel so sick. I didn't ponteng that day cause pc wanted to show me the Project that she has done. Okay! Good job she has done! hahahhaa.. I told her the presentation I'll do cause I already got the information. Later, I went to my mom's office to ONLINE again.. hahahhahah!! Go home ONLINE again!!! Online really is my part of LIFE.

5th day, Wednesday
Actually same with Tuesaday ler cause Tuesday I got class too. The not same is momo follow me back. hhhahhaha! She followed me back because she wanted to go to 海韵 to support her someone and yinchoo!! At there, I Online again! hahhaaha! =D I just play game ler.. and chit chat with obl them... Yiluen get third prize in the singing competition and Yinchoo get no prize but her voice really very very vevry NICE... Is the song, 咕叽咕叽 caused trouble 1.. haihh! sadness! After go home, i bath and sleep. I am so tired&sleepy...

6th day, Thursday
Wake up at about 9 something cause momo wants to go back d. but, afternoon we'll meet again. hahhahha! I watched TV.. watch till yiluen phone me and sms me, I also don't know. At 11.20am, yiluen smsed me, the msg is [you didn't tell me where and what time to fetch you, im now want to go d, you yourself la.] OMG!!!!! when I saw this msg, I am soo0oo0o.. pek chekk! Why he like that 1? thn I quickly phone him, but can't reachh! I pek chek till cry out.. T_T cause he already promised will come and fetch me to RedBox d mar. How can he like that? Thn, i quickly phone momo and go to bath! after bathing, Yiluen phoned me, he said why i didn't answer his call, he sent the msg for me is because I didn't answer his call. OH My Gosh! make me cry... At about 1.30pm, he came to my house. 1.30pm d. We sure late d! I sms mom to tell her we can't fetch her d cause we are late. She went there herself. At RedBox, I can't sing lots because I sick! ISH! can't sing well. How can like that?? A moment later, Eevon came too. She cut her fringe, she really siao d... hahahhhaa!! but really happy to see her come cause she said she maybe won't come(because the next day, she got account test). We sang till 5something, thn Yiluen bring momo, Eevon & obl home. In the car, Yiluen & obl said many jokes! Make us laugh.. after drop them, Yiluen & I went to Queensbay to have dinner. Actually he wanted to take his salary, thn we straight away eat in his working place, Breeks. When we was waiting for the meal, Yiluen called her sis, he need to fetch his sis to ttn at 7.30pm. We must eat as fast as possible, maybe we eat too fast, make us feel so full. When we pay the bill, my mom phoned me, she told me dad, bro and she will go to visit my grandma. I told her i'll go to Yiluen's house to fetch his sis first. After fetch his sis, he'll come to my house. When we arrive at home, I saw dad & bro. HUH? why they were at home? Why suddenly didn't go? nvm ler. I don't care also. I quickly go to bath, I was so0o.. tired!! after that, we watched the video that I have captured in the final singing competition.. OMG! so bad.. i capture till someone dont have head. hahahahha! 9.45, Yiluen go to bring his sis home. And I am going to sleep! so tired and sleepy. @_@

7th day, Friday (My birthday)
Hooray! It's my birthday! I 18 year old d! I grow up d!! I wake up very early & I saw many msg!! The birthday wishing msg! I am so happy.. So many friends remember my birthday! I was so happy! Thn, I went to my mom's ofice again and Online again.. hahahahhaa!! In the afternoon, eevon phoned me, ask me want to share to buy present for pheyy anot cause pheyy's birthday is in the next day.. thn I said okay. After close the phone, she called me back, you know what she said? "hello, happy birthday." hahahhahhaha!! At 5something, I went home, wait dad come back. He fetch my mom to ah suan aunty's house, they are going to E-gate to have gathering. Thn, dad fetch bro and me to Queensbay for having dinner. At the moment we find the restaurant, we saw the CAMBRIDGE........ (learn English). The salesman intro us to his centre.. Finally, my dad wanted my Bro to learn English at there & you know what my bro's reaction? CRY.. he cryy.. Oh No! why he cry? but, my dad still register. Later, my dad brought us to T.G.I Friday to have our dinner. While having dinner, my bro still feel sad, but my dad kept on talk to him. Finally, my bro okay! Cause my dad don't know promise him what. After having meal, we went Popular because I wanted to buy a book, but I can't find that book. My Bro bought a pencil box.. When we were at the cashier, I saw Eng Siang's sis, I just say Hi to her. Oh Yah!! that Eng Siang didn't wish me!! my dad called me go to pharmacy to buy medicine because i sick. After dad paid for the pencil box, we went to car park to take our car. My dad wanted to go Citibank... Oh no! I'm so sick, I want to rest.. NVM ler. I followed him too. hahahah. After Citibank, we go where again? No where, just went home & SLEEP! HAHAHHAHAHA!!

8th day, Saturday
My life just same with the 1st day, Saturday life lerr. Nothing different! Just Online,Online&Online.. hahhhahha! Oh Ya! I also got watch Tv lar of caurse.. hehehhehe. xD. I edited the video of the singing competition in the whole day.. I really not pro in editing the video, I'm sorry ler, Yiluen. I can't do the effect that you want me to do. My life just like that ler, ermm... Online & watch Tv in the whole day.. My dad don't like us to go out on Saturday 1, because weekends are Family Day, sadness.. everyone, 摆家乐 not showing already! Sad again..Oh, too boring d so I took some photoes. After online&watch tv, sleep again lor. hahhahaha! =)

9th day, Sunday
I wake up at 10am. Finally can wake up late.. Dad fetch us to Sungai Ara to have breakfast because after having breakfast, we want to go to the Cambridge Learning Centre. We just eat in the 'kopi diam', I saw Jasmine at there... Say Hi to her. After go to the Cambridge Learning Centre, we went to 2nd aunty's house to visit my grandmom lor.. My mom chit chat with her sisters them&grandmom, I chit chat with my cousins while my Bro play computer games with my little cousins.. hahahhaha! After visit grandmom, we went to have dinner. thn, go home. hahhaha! Go home do what? sure is watch tv... but that day, I was so tired because I sick d.. I slept at 7.30pm.... Early, rite?

10th day, Monday
Didn't go anywhere... Stay at home cause sick seriously... haihh.. Fever,Runnynose,Cof... OMG!!! why so many sickness come to me? Go away, okay??!!! At night, you know what my dad bought back? MacD... oh my Gosh! why buy that food back? Finally, I ate french fries, nuggets, mcChicken... ahhahahah! I sure can't recover d.. At about 10.30pm, I went to bed..ZzZzz...

That's all for my whole week holiday... Enjoy it! hahahahah. I'll update again..

Happy Belated Birthday to Myself!!

And thanks for the friends who wish me 'happy birthday'.. hehhehehehheheh! I love you lots! Muackxzxz!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

im so lazy to BLOG!!!!!