Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Li Qing is back. ♥

Hello, friends. I know i've 1 more month din update my blog d. I'm updating.. patiently. =b

In this one more month, many things happen. Friends who close with me should know what had happen and i'm not in mood recently.


I miss my friends lotss. Eevon, Caca, Xinchze, Reelee, Uncle Vince and of coz *** and all my girls'friends and coursemates. IMISSTHEM. ♥

♥Caca went back to Perth d and i can't go out with her in the last few days. feel so sad.. =(
Ca, anyway, thanks for fetching me out to anywhere. hehe! iloveyou. xoxo

♥Eevon started her class d. and my parents...... haihh. =(
But, you'll always here for me and i'll there for you.rite? girl,loveyou too. xoxo

♥Xinchze, she's just back from Korea, will quite busy i think.
But, when you back to Penang, call me. I wanna go to your house... Love and Miss, xoxo. ♥

♥Uncle Vince, he went to KL alrd. I lose 1 driver. *juzkidding* he still always accompany when i'm in bad mood/cry. thanks, uncle. you're just like my bro. xoxo.♥

♥Twins cousie, thx for fetching me to look out the baby so that my mood will become better. xoxo

♥I miss him lots lots lots. friends who know me will know who is him.♥

latest Li Qing. *paleface*

all for now. will update the outing with girls. patiently.. xoxo