Sunday, November 30, 2008


t3 ar t3... you're killing me...
i really don't like you.
i'm regret to choose you as my future..
it's too late. it's time to study you and i'm die-ing SOON.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


exam soon.... 2th, 4th and 5th dec.
3 days... exam.
t3 t4 t5... t3, not that confidence... t4, confidence.... t5, give up!!!
haihhh. i want to pass all my exam lar.
i really don't have money to retake d larr. 100-200something bucks you know..
omg!! howww..? i really stress of it.. i fed up to t3 d, seriously.
wth! what suspense, accruel, going concern,prudence.. and what what error of principle, error of commission. SHIT! i really don't understand lerr. who can help me??

but... i must think positive! after 5th dec, i really free d. i can fly whereever i can. hahhaha! happy if i think this. hahahha! =D i want to meet my friends.. go holidays, shopping.... at kl, a shopping heaven.

now, is the time to study. work hard so that won't regret if fail [touchwood]. will pass... god will bless me. =)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


uncle tan 是个强壮的人,没什么病。可是,近期内.. 听妈咪说他常出入医院甚至还动了手术,可是都渐渐康复了阿,怎么....? haiz.. uncle tan, 安息吧!
不知怎么的,突然很想念我的朋友... 突然很想跟他们讲话,玩,闹...
今天很不想读书,怕了... 想休息,可是...... =(
莉晴,要加油! =)

Monday, November 17, 2008

EXAM? devil...

why my mood so unstable..? i do really need someone who always beside me..
who? my friends? yes. they are... they're always beside me when i'm sad, unhappy...
why am i so emotional? isit coz of exam? stress?

my parents kept on ask me study study study.. i don't want to dissapoint them, but what if i fail?
i don dare to put that lots of hope in my exam. i scare if i put too much hopes and i fail [touchwood], i'll go crazy. and my parents'll dissapointed.

i'l try my best to study well, do well in the exam.. but how if luck din come to me?
i get difficult papers? who knows?

i'm going crazy. seriously!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

hello friends,

i'm back. ^^
i know i'm so so so long din update d.
i really busy. busy study..
and finally.... i've pass my t2!! hahhaha! happy. BIG BIG SMILE =D
i wanna thank you for all my friends who gave me help in this exam, gave me support,told me not to give up. love all of you!
in this month, many things've happened and i almost forgot all. hahha! paiseh.
oohhh yahhh! i watched HSM3, The Senior Year d.. it's awesom. my brother and i like it so much and my dad bought us the soundtrack disc.. love it. ♥
don't know which saturday lahh, jeslyn and i went queensbay for... nth. lol. thn, we headed to gurney to have dinner with weijia. we met up with weijia at 4something, thn we went to have dinner at soelgarden. we ate a lot! thn, chiachuin and his friends came to find us but they don't want to eat, they said it's expesive. yeahh! it's expensive, 35bucks per person not include drinks. i reach home at about 9something. luckily mom din scold. dad? he's at kL, he don't know i go out. hahhaha! hope to go out with them again, we talk and laugh a lots. miss it! photo? lazy to upload, so sorry..
heyy friends, i went to straighten my hair d. hahhahha! quite scared before that but after straighten, hmmm... quite okay. and my friends said looks nicer. hahahha! proud. momo, thanks for callin me go. if not, my hair stil kiao here kiao there. hahhahah!

before and after...

exam soon! there's 3papers in a week. omg!! i haven't study finish and t5 i din even touch it. howw?? although exam coming soon but i still kept on jio my friends and mummy out. hahhha!
i wanna go gurney, parkson is reopen and sure have sales! sales sales sales! i want to buy shirts,shorts,skirts... and many things!! i want to jio my dad go d, he can pay for me. hehe. XD
my phone spoilt d. fast, rite? just 3months. i bought it 3months... uncle vicky borrowed me his phone and now i'm using k800i, still not use to it yet.
this few days, my emotional is so bad. luckily i have a friend who always stand by my side, he's mr.vince. he always console me... tell me the right things and the reasons....
i don't want to disturb my other friends cause they're having exam.

maybe this is the last update till 5th of dec. i'm havin exam soon. final exam! oomgggg!!

god, must bless me pass all of those papers!