Sunday, August 31, 2008

i cut my fringe.



i know it doesn't change lots. but at least now can see my right eye. heheheh! XD

saturday and sunday.

Saturday,30th August.

wake up at 5something in the morning. it's so early! Chia Chiun called and want me to company him cause he just break with his girlf. i'm sorry to hear that. hmm. after talk, i sleep back.
wake up at 8something, sms him. hmm.. so sleepy but have to wake up in this time cause dad not so like i wake up late. help mom sweep and mop floor, watch tv.
about 3something, dad fetch us to the new mall at b'worth... was so crowd. no sales and no line, can't sms with him. didn't buy anything. SIEN.
back at 5 and headed to Queens. shop a while and my brother just bought a sliper. SIEN again.
thn, go to Sunshine Square to buy some can food things. there was so crowd cause Sales. the things at there were very cheap.

crowd in Sunshine Square.

my brother was playing his handphone while waiting for my parents.

went home at 10something. bath. watch ghost movie which shown at 'hua hee tai'. sms with him. sleep. not really sleep cause wait his call. but, at the end, no call from him. haih. a bit sad. =( he said he wait for my call till 4 in the morning. i wait his call and he wait my call. hahah!

Sunday,31th August.

wake up at 9. sweep floor. bath. went to 2nd aunt's house to eat hokkien mee. delicious~ =) chat with cousins and aunties.. a bit bored at there ler, luckily he sms with me. heheh! =D hmm.

my cousin,boy who has exam[spm] soon.
Gambateh~!!! =)

went home at 6something. bath. have dinner[kfc], i sure fat d. haihh. =( went out again at 9. wanna buy moon cake and buskin robin. back and 10pm and now at here to blog.

that's all for today. bye. ^^

Saturday, August 23, 2008

yesterday & today.

Yesterday. August 22. Friday.

Wake up at 8. bath and prepared. stay at mom's office to wait Roger fetch Momo thn i only go.
11.10am. out from mom's office. raining...stop raining when i reach library. Momo asked me to jaga place. scare will no place cause spm & pmr soon. many spm & pmr students'll go there study. but, it's okay. not much ppls.
after parking, i saw my car tyre like.. 'bo hong'. so, i called Momo when she reach, phone me. i want her help me to see whether my car tyre really 'bo hong' anot. hahah!
they reached about... what time d huh? i forgot d. at first, we did not study yet. we chit-chating. Roger really very funny. i fist time talk so much with him. feel that he very talkative and friendly. hahhaha! XD . he damn god loves to bully Momo. pity Momo ><...
we talked thn read thn talked again thn read again. i think we talk more thn read. hahah!
saw Jeslyn & Shing. miss them lots!
3.30pm. hunger. out from library.. > Macd. rain... heavily.
thn, went to Shell to 'put air into my car tyre' [broken english, paisehh] . Roger helped me. thx, Roger. you're so good. =)
car tyre still 'bo hong' after putting air into it. so, when to the tyre shop... to asked the shop ppl to check.
5pm. reach mom's office. stay at there a while thn went home.
at home, doing nothing. watch tv with Momo and bro. mom made 'pao'. online thn sleep. zZZz...

Today. August 23. Sunday.

wake up at 7.30am. stomachache. went toilet... you know la. hahha! xD.
so sleepy. went to bed again... hahah!!
8.30am, wake up. bath and prepared to go to CLHS's singing competition.
went to fetch Cristine & Syiling. while waiting them, take some photos in the car.

reach at CLHS at about 10.45am. the competition started at 11am.
this year, my cousin, Aimz won the first prize again. but my another cousin, Ah Boy lose. happy and sad. =) & =(
"Ah boy, don't sad d. you're very great already! cheers!"
after competition, have lunch with Momo & Roger at New World Park.
thn, go to library again to study. Eevon joined us.
4.30pm, back from library cause dad want to bring us out.
at home, watch tv thn bath.
6pm, going out to look for furniture for 1st aunty.
8something, came back and now blogging, chatting....
Momo asked me tomorrow want to go library to study anot. i want. but i'm lazy to drive till there. lazy kills me. hahah!

*till here. see you! =)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

hello, friends. i've been a century didn't update my blog d. now i.. want to about my lately. =)
nowadays i'm quite EMO... sudenlly angry, moody, down and cry.. =(( and sudenlly laugh happily.
am i mental disorder? =S
why am i like that? isit.. this month is ghost festival? mr.vince asked me don't think so much.
but, it's real 1, why am i always like that?
and i want to do revision d. i've 2-3weeks didn't do revision d. i scared i can't catch up. ><
i want to study, but i don't have mood to study. the information can't go into my brain at all. how?
i'll try my best to adjust myself into normal.
thx for always comfort me and tell the reasons for me. without you, i'll sure crash! thx!
i know you busy with your study. sorry for disturbing. =(
thx for comfort me and sorry for disturbing. gambatehh for your exam.
don't because of 'him' sad d. cheers!
you too don't sad because of 'him'. i'll always support you although you kept on say you not like him anymore. but, i know won't so easy forget 'him'..
Happy belated birthday. wish you all the best and may your dream come true.
mommy daddy yuheng,
i love you! hugs!