Monday, March 24, 2008


my dad bought a new car for me,myvi. I tot i'll very happy, but i not happy at all. cause my dad want me promise him many things. i felt pressure. arghhh~!!! hmm, mayb today can get the car, hope tommorrow can drive to school. but i think cannot because my dad wont allow me to drive there by myself. oh yahhh~!! juz now i saw that fake 'wu chun', he was so handsome. actually disted got few handsome guys. hahahahah. i juz see them as an idol. juz now benjoon say hi to me. hahah. finally he do that to me, cause i dunwan to say hi to him when i saw him, i scare he'll think me as a SIAO LANG. hhahahaha. today, i went for the english academic class, miss hiah has teach us acedemic writing and grammer. mayb she was a american women, so, when listen to her, must listen carefully because her speaking was difference with us. after the break time, that 'wu chun' went to sit in front because he said he cannot listen what miss hiah said. hmm... after that, my aunt fetch me back from college, i went to but economic rice, i add chicken and vege in my rice. the chicken was so oily. OMG. I have to on diet already. im getting fat. myaunt said me too. NO WAY.. i have to on diet!!!! i dont want to eat rice from tommorow!! if not, i sure become a fat girls. now i was in my mom's office, i was so bored. friendster no comment (i have reply all), msn few ppls online, no movie to watch. haihhh. what a boring dayy..

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My college life~

hmm.. my college life....?? how?? I dunno how to say also. hahhaah. xP. cause i juz went 2 days only. hahahha. xD. The first day, i went to the orientation only.. after the orientation, i went to gurney to watch 'AH LONG'. wooohh. its 18pl but he didnt check my IC. I already grow up!!! hahahaha.=D . Thn, i go back to the college to go to the other class. hmmm.. The second day, i went for the LAN subj, moral. OMG!! you know the teacher teach how many hour? 1HOUR only. but the time table shown 2 hours. waste my time~!!! hahhahahha...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I was so boring!!!

Today was public holiday, Prophet Muhammad Birthday. I stay at home whole day. I slept the whole afternoon. ahhhahha. xD. now im so 'jing shen'. haihh. tonight i sure cannot sleep d. hmmm.. today was so bored, i wanted to go out but no one can out. I want to drive. I want car. I want to drive to anywhere i want to go. ARHHH.~!!!!! tomorrow stay at home again cause tomorrow dont have to study. haihh. BORED DAY again... i want to go out... i wanted to go to find my friends. I want to talk to themm. OOHHH..MY GOD!!!!!!! im getting KI SIAO!!!!

I miss em..

Suddenly, I miss em soOo much.
I miss my cousins.
I miss my friends.
I miss the ppl I loved before.
I miss the ppl I hated before.

How are em right now?
i hope the ppl i miss will happy always and ppl i hated will happy too.
especially YiLin. Suddenly felt that i should not argue with her. She did not wrong at all.
Why am I so childish last time? arhhh.~!!!! sorry, YiLin.