Friday, January 30, 2009


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

hello people. i'm here again. =)
i know i've 1 week din update my blog. it's bcoz of...
my laptop is so so sucks, it is so slow and some probs to my msn, can't sign in.
but after sign in using the eBuddy Web Messenger, i just saw few friends in my friend list. how come? omgg!! do i need to sign up a new one?
and my laptop, it's sucks and slow. i want to buy a new one...
i'm going to ask dad to buy me a new one. kekeke! XD

there's been 1 week i din update d. this whole week i done nothing, just went to college to study... home to sleep, watch tv, internet-ing... what a boring week, rite? hahaha!

Chinese New Year is around the corner! Hoorayyy!! i'l meet all my cousies, relatives and my little cute nephew. =) and the most important is ANG PAO. hahhaha! money money money..!!!

lastly,friends and everyone! "GONG XI FAT CHAII!" =DD *big big smileee*

Monday, January 12, 2009

ignore my hand. ishhh!!
nothing special for this few days. i cut my fringe d lor..
eevon said longer better, chin2 said very funny.. haihhh. =(
so regret to cut.. when can it long?
today morning, went to chin2's house to acc her to breakfast and qb. she... haihh. don't sad lar, chin2. as my mom said, don't bother and just cut it, you still young! XD
evening, yinchoo came to find me to get her JJ album. we talked almost 1 hour at the visitors car park there. she was in the car and i stand at outside. lol.
we have too many things to say d coz we few months din meet d.
kay lar, stop here. nitez! have a nice day. :-)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

new look. :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Love him...!!! ♥


wake up at 6. early rite? @@ have to go to aunty 7's house to do 'kuih kah pek', a CNY kuih.

early morning, 7am....

my uncle...


my aunty and maid. they're preparing...

aunty 2nd, mommy, and cousin sis.

cousin sister's boyf, mommy and cousin sister.
i don't know how to do so i just put the kuih into the tin. lol.
my mom and my aunties are pro so they do the difficult job.
feel so sleepy at about 12pm.
aimz wake up thn he continue the job thn i went to bath and sleep. hahah! @@
finish at 3something and i wake up at 4. thn bath and back.
went to Sunshine Square to buy some important stuff.
back. home. and sleep. too tired d.